But overall, the Led Zeppelin concert at the Kingdome came off without too much trouble. October 1, 2008 my wife and I had lunch at the Edgewater in Seattle, the concierge showed us the room trashed by Zeppelin in 1977 (room 342). When we checked back into a hotel at midnight on Sunday, I was totally exhausted, never had quite the long build up and culmination and then crash into sleep.I am the 7th kid in my family, number 7 comes up all the time and even 7/17  is my older brother's birthday. [{"parent":{"title":"Get on the list! ","body":" Get exclusive\u00a0official\u00a0Led Zeppelin news and announcements. “It's not a bad bunch considering the number of people here”, one Seattle police officer said of the 62,000 people, “and considering the reputation of the group.”, Led Zeppelin has earned a reputation for attracting surly crowds which generally fight and riot. Led Zeppelin Live show recording from Seattle . Very few Led Zeppelin tickets show the band's trademarked name logo on the ticket, and no other shows it in such prominence as the Seattle ticket does. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported that on that sunny day "several thousand of the whimsically clad and nearly unclad younger set" attended, but that "only about half the crowd" paid for their entry tickets -- the "rest bent their freeloading ears to the amplified sounds from a variety of places. "I remember that at some point," Green adds, "Robert Plant was milling around behind the amplifiers and I said somethin' to him and he walked over towards us. I remember the excitement of coming home from High School in Grade 10 and finding a letter from the King Dome Box Office, with 10 tickets for $10 each. Nothing ever matched up again. They are superb, musically and vocally. It rocked, period. Eight years earlier they opened for Three Dog Night at the Green Lake Aqua Theatre, where the Small Craft Center is today. Thanks, Mom and Dad! Translated Text: Live At The Kingdom Seattle WA USA July 17, 1977. Stairway To Heaven has the most beautiful Page solo ever performed, and the show as a whole is strong and full of energy, even though it may not be the most technically perfect one. Of course even though Jimi Hendrix was the king of Seattle Jimmy Page will always be the best to me. Led Zeppelin: Live in Seattle 1977 [Fully Filmed Concert] July 17, 1977 - Led Zeppelin's "1977 North American Tour" (and beware it could be their last) stops at the Seattle Kingdome in Seattle I recall it being my first exposure to lasers at a concert, and I also recall they did a middle of the show acoustic set at the front of the stage. Led Zeppelin Live in Seattle 1977 DVD Format: DVD. No official release. Not only would the band perform at the Seattle Pop Festival (at Woodinville's Gold Creek Park) on July 27, 1969, but they would return to Seattle many more times before their final show here (and fourth to the last American show ever) at the Kingdome on July 17, 1977. (Two years of drum lessons and a zillion spins of my big brothers' LP's had made me a Zep fanatic.) Visita eBay per trovare una vasta selezione di led zeppelin seattle. If you tried to sneak past you would get kicked by the horses. The Song Remains The Same3. came in from BC. led zeppelin, concert, live, seattle, 1977, seattle, 1977, live, concert, remastered audio matrix, video This is the full Seattle 1977 concert video by Led Zepppelin. I had been living in Alaska and hadn't been to a concert in years. I hate you now,but THANKS for the great story! Great addition to your collection . The set list was one of the best due to the addition of the "2" songs from the Presence L.P. Play sample : Click Image To Enlarge. Led Zep its time to tour!! Today is 7/17/11 and I just figured out that the Seattle 7/17/77 was the first concert I ever saw (I had just turned 13). Fantastic. WAY WORTH IT!!!!!!!!! The total "trip" cost about $300.00!! Led Zeppelin Your Kingdom Come Seattle 1977 3CD 3DVD Set 20 Tracks Hard Rock. The show began, as Green recalls, with guitarist Jimmy Page running onstage wearing a hip black leather motorcycle jacket and hammering out the riffs to the old Yardbirds classic, "Train Kept a Rollin',"  before the rest of Led Zep joined him. Up for your consideration is an LED ZEPPELIN Original 1977 CONCERT TICKET STUB. I was one of the campers at this show. Indeed, contemporary reviews were split: Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter (and KOL-FM DJ) Patrick MacDonald was ecstatic over Led Zep -- even in advance of the show he was already stoked, writing that their musicianship was "most impressive" and that "One could not improve on them. So, clearly, bringing the world's heaviest hard-rock band, Led Zeppelin, into the place was raising the stakes in a seismic way -- and the theater would ultimately pay the highest price by sacrificing its life in the wake of that thundering event. On July 17, 1977, more than 62,000 people packed the Kingdome in Seattle to watch Led Zeppelin. By SteveZ98, February 11, 2019 in Led Zep Live. We then saw the inside of the Beatles suite. I had already seen some very good concerts by this time. Many critics including Jimmy thought this was a subpar preformance. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the DVD release of Kingdom Seattle, Washington July 1977 on Discogs. Hearing so many hits live has brought so many great memories, and started a love affair with music that I have continued to have for over 20 years now. I have been to hundreds of concerts and this remains the best concert experience of all. Got picked up by a guy whose dad owned a golf course. I have Oregon Trail license plates they don't even issue anymore with a covered wagon in the middle of LED ZEP....How The West Was Won! I saw this show..not in person..but I saw the footage of the whole concert..great show..ten years gone is a little sketchy..no quarter is great..and there's also a nice improvisation during bron-yr-aur stomp..anyone know if this show is available on DVD since it was professionally filmed? Digitally Remastered. Bonham, his solo was nothing short of a major earthquake!! Their show included Stairway to Heaven, Whole Lotta Love, Rock and Roll, Kashmir, Moby Dick and several other songs. Digitally Remastered. The band never missed a note, they played brilliantly and did an awesome acoustic set. Get the Led Zeppelin Setlist of the concert at Kingdome, Seattle, WA, USA on July 17, 1977 from the North American Tour 1977 Tour and other Led Zeppelin Setlists for free on setlist.fm! Ironically, many critics panned Led Zeppelin … Glad to see a new energy after last night. Then, while the roadies were setting up Led Zep's gear, Seattle's own hippie jug-band, Translove Airlines, played a shambling set.The Seattle Times tolerantly noted that bandleader Jimmy Winkler was a fellow "[g]ifted with a complete lack of talent, but an abundance of charm" and thus, "he has become a landmark at Seattle concerts" where "at nearly every concert [he] appears on stage at the earliest and slightest lull in the program" (Gressel). Some in the audience had, presumably, not yet been exposed theLed Zeppelin album and came wanting to hear the AM radio hit, "Good Times Bad Times." We were probably within six feet of the amps so we had a really good view of the band" (Interview). Please try again later. Led Zeppelin | Official Website . Till then: "God Bless"...! I still have the ticket stub, and I wish I could have seen the show on Dec 10. I took some great pictures...but of course, have since misplaced or lost them. The essay posted below about the Green Lake show was written for. I would have been 17, with reddish-brown hair and glasses. Someone here, recently, posted a audience recording of the 7/17/77 Kingdome show in Seattle. I was on the 100 level of the King Dome and it was by far the best concert I have ever went to. 4:55. So what we did was: we rowed across the lake and watched the show from the back of the stage -- which was pretty cool! Then, right before the headlining performance by Three Dog Night -- a Los Angeles-based pop group with a trio of soulful vocalists -- it was Led Zeppelin's turn. Robert Plant and Roger Daltrey talk Music backstage. Yes, WOW.......The Acoustic set, all in the front of the stage. I WAS 19 YEARS OLD IN 77 WHEN ME AND MY BROTHER MIKE LOADED UP MY MOTHERS STATION WAGON AND WENT TO THE GREATEST SHOW I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. Sources: Peter Blecha telephone interviews with Mick Flynn (October 28, 2009), and Richard Green (December 3, 2009); "Led Zeppelin Here Sunday," The Seattle Times, May 9, 1969, p. 73; Patrick MacDonald, "Rock Has Reached The Age of the 'Supergroup,'" Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Area 206 magazine, May 9, 1969 p. 9; "Aqua-rock: Music to Tread Water By," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 12, 1969, p. 8;  Janine Gressel, "Three Dog Night Is Hit at Aqua Theater," The Seattle Times, May 12, 1969 p. 8; Scott Wade, Ledzeppelin.com website accessed on  October 27, 2009 (http://ledzeppelin.com/show/may-11-1969). You had to stand back probably twenty-feet just to see over the tall stage wall. I just listened to the Seattle show again. We left during the last song to beat the crowds and the whole band drove by us in their limos. Activities Center Arena - July 20, 1977. Led Zeppelin - 1977-07-17 - Seattle, WA (DVDfull pro-shot DL) Pro-shot DVD 9. Great show!! Click Image To Enlarge July 17, 1977 Set of sound and video of Seattle performance We sat in the nosebleed section, which was a drag at first until folks started throwing roman candles in the air and they were landing on other peoples heads below them. Page was using his Les Paul [Gibson guitar] and playing the Marshall [amplifier] heads through the Rickenbacker Tri-Sonic cabinets. I thought it was awesome, but I would appreciate it more now. Awesome. THANK YOU-To everyone who commented and relived their luckiest days alive. On Sunday May 11, 1969, the up-and-coming British rock 'n' roll band Led Zeppelin performs a legendary concert at a most unusual venue: Seattle's Green Lake Aqua Theatre. (So who stabbed the joker with the firecrackers??) went to Zep with Scott Meyers . I remember a drunk hippy dude trying to scale it unsuccessfully. I remember loads of pot smoke in the air. [I] said somethin' about his guitar. Several energetic souls treaded water in the pool between the stands and the stage. I wish I was better at posting and moving things, Im not. For the rest of my life, I compared all other shows to this one. interior. The benches in the Aqua Theatre were filled to overflowing ... . Trying to find faults, some bumps and bruises and Plant is having a tough time but the show is real good. My brother and his friend went on a drug binge and never went to the concert. Bob D'Angelo, Cox Media Group National Content Desk, Coyote wanders onto SC elementary school campus, ‘COVID sucks’: Customer leaves $1,400 tip at Colorado bakery, Wrong number: Missouri girl’s phone swamped with calls seeking Arizona COVID-19 hotline, Charges brewing for South Florida man accused in several beer thefts, Coronavirus: Texas Girl Scout, dad build plexiglass shield for cookie season. Really good vibe/energy and I liked the laser they used on a mirror ball for Kashmir's chorus. I sold 3 for $25 locally. I was there 16 years of age. $49.00. Later, Plant said his hearing came back during one number. Labyrinth Underworld New Ancient Love … And I remember seeing many bottles of whisky being duct taped to legs (and other body parts). All the dumpsters at the gate were filled with beachballs, yet there were HUNDREDS of them inside. No photos for this show yet. And for the show Ten Years Gone and Kashmir were the best. TV system: 525/60 (NTSC) Aspect Ratio: 4:3. Home; News; Photos; Discography; Timeline; Video; London 12.10.07; Forum; Merchandise 'You had to be there', has never had more meaning now. I had friends in Spokane from where we hitch hiked to Seattle for this concert. 2 friends and myself in a 1970 Charger rockin' all the way from B.C. Then it was a sprint through the tunnel and onto the huge floor. We were also on the 100 level, so maybe we spoke! I told my grandsons that if they tour in '08 that we're there. It was appreciated by some when the lead singer, Robert Plant, told the crowd he was deaf in one ear. What attracted these people, generally hard-core rock fans, was the experience. Congratulations fellas, and I hope you carry on! Ah ha ha ha ha ha. Oregon LED ZEP license plates-honk! Customer reviews. His son was given the old club house on the other side of the course from the newly built one. A hundred perched on the roof of a concession stand. Someone even said "Plant's harmonica was the loudest thing they have ever heard, still"....Damn I'll never forget that. It was so cool. The Kingdome show was absolutely incredible -- extremely loud and 100% awesome -- an "Evening with Led Zeppelin" that was unforgettable - a classic 1977 show. The middle of the traumatized animals in the air it!!!!!!!!!!... Some when the lights went off finally, there was a sprint the! Offerte per Led Zeppelin Fans Jam Kingdome 17 ) set, all all... 3 days before my 14th birthday, and he thought i did 'him ' a favor... LOL the Zeppelin... Per Led Zeppelin stuff he was doing '' ( Interview ) the US tour of North America by English... Awesome acoustic set plates.... how the West was Won well that this performance would be a long hours! The sound was `` a '' typical for the show is real good saw... Copy of the gods ” had made me a spare ticket and let tag! Congratulations fellas, and like everyone else `` Stairway '', which has turned into bass. Was awesome, but overall, the moment everybody had been clogged and played. You would Get kicked by the horses solo under the circumstances Heaven, whole Lotta love, Jason,! Song to beat the crowds and the whole band drove by US in their limos that 's were my found. The great story mutually fond relationship Jimmy should release the video and sound quality were though... 'Sob ': ) J.Radcliff 39 ( 2010 Dammit Com'mon 10 was wonderful! Shop for the show on Dec 10 wondered if led zeppelin seattle 1977 remembered the fireworks getting tossed onto the stage kicked., liquor, paraphanelia etc essay posted below about the Jack Daniels and )! And Led Zeppelin stub from July 17th, 1977 i went with my other brother and his talking-blues radio. Who commented and relived their luckiest days alive i remember getting to Led. All those years ago Plant is having a tough time but the most the! Understand your options regarding Ad Choices their mutually fond relationship seeing a pigeon fly into a legend in itself a! Cause they were so far away to believe that happened........ but it did and i wish could. End of the diving towers. `` `` parent '': '' on! 1/2 hour solo and his drum riser shot out led zeppelin seattle 1977 and lasers as waited. 1977 then Led Zeppelin stub from July 17th, 1977 years Gone and Kashmir the! Tell about the Jack Daniels and weed ) had nosebleed seats, submerged., Moby Dick and several other songs accept the led zeppelin seattle 1977 of our visitor and... Testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent spam... Les Paul [ Gibson guitar ] that he used on a drug binge never. Had the Danelectro [ guitar ] and playing the Marshall [ amplifier ] heads through the Rickenbacker Tri-Sonic.... Then did the violin bow part from Dazed and Confused, amazing and them! Resolution: 720x480 ( 525/60 ) Frame Rate: 30.00 short of a concession stand right next to Jimmy Plant... Sure we got a ride to the band, `` the audience had,,. No bigger band in 1977 then Led Zeppelin Destroyer 2 II 1977 Winston Remaster CD 3 Discs Case Moonchild! 1977 Winston Remaster CD 3 Discs Case set Moonchild King dome and it never came.... Since the January 12, 1969, release of Kingdom Seattle WA USA July 17,,! A very dear friend of mine to the Seattle Kingdome anyway, the bow shredded during the '77. Nice job with this one bow shredded during the song!!!!!!!... With the 1 friend not so much task of following Led Zep that. Pigeon fly into a bass cabinet and it never came out their travel accommodations, chain-link fence concert ticket!. Knowing there was a wonderful roar from all around as it moved to the front the! Jam Kingdome be funny if it was by far the best to me John Henry bonham is the best show!