Sentence 2: You can find coconut palm in Malaysia.Â, Sentence 1: There is a beautiful park right in front of her mansion.Â, Sentence 2: You can’t park your car in the no-parking zone.Â, Sentence 1: Don’t point your fingers at her on your mistake.Â, Sentence 2: He made a valid point in the meeting today.Â. poor, pore (-s), pour (-s). If you think we're missing any homophones, let us know by emailing me at They either sound the same or are spelt the same, but their meanings are different. Two or more words with the same spellings but different pronunciation and meaning are called heteronyms. But of course there are some fun videos available to help you! For the best current homophone sites, run a. Homophone definition is - one of two or more words pronounced alike but different in meaning or derivation or spelling (such as the words to, too, and two). Misrepresents; 3 Syllable Rhymes. Home; Homophones; Hence; Homophones For Hence We found 1 homophones for hence. Everest, Assent – They want the PM’s assent on the bill, Access – The elevator gave access to the top floor, Excess – Do not take an excess of stress in life, Eight – We will meet after the office at eight, Bald – He is planning to go bald (hairless), Bawled – She began to bawl (cry) like a child, Baron – His mother is a press baron (important person), Barren – This hall used to be a barren building, Blew – He picked a tissue and blew his nose, Band – He played the guitar in the live band yesterdayÂ, Banned – Taking pets to malls should be banned. A homophone is a linguistic situation in which two words have the same pronunciation but … Fair, fare Homophones and homonyms 1. When the variation is produced by sloppiness rather than by dialect (a distinction difficult to maintain), e.g. it’s A 18 letters crossword definition. Homophones List! See more. We omit words which differ in spelling from other words only in the use of a possessive apostrophe, e.g. ), pear (-s), palate (-s), palette (-s), pallet (-s), pallette (-s), right (-s), rite(-s), wright (-s), write(-s), We're too busy to continue updating this page. 4 Syllable Rhymes. The word “homonym” comes from the prefix “homo”, meaning “the same”, and the suffix “-nym,” means “the name”. Q.2 (1) He is feeling blew today as he did not sleep last night/ (2) My dress has blew flowers on it/ (3) the waves were rising because the wind blew across the ocean. J heir (-s), carat (-s), caret, carrot (-s), karat (-s), complement (-s,-ary), compliment (-s,-ary), idyl (-s), idyll (-s), idle (-s), idol (-s), marchal, marshal (-s), marshall (-s), martial, medal (-s), meddle (-s), metal (-s), mettle (-s) (?). Q Candidates preparing for the various government exams can refer to the detailed exam syllabus in the links given below: Given below are the links that may help you prepare for the upcoming Government exams 2020: For further questions or information regarding competitive exams, study material or best books for preparation, candidates can turn to BYJU’S.Â, Your email address will not be published. If you’re going swimming in the sea, be careful of the current/currant! homophone synonyms, homophone pronunciation, homophone translation, English dictionary definition of homophone. We do include obsolete words when we know of them, such as dain in the pair, dain, deign. Define homophone. Sentence 2: Don’t forget to ring me before you come home. Answer (2)  The plants in the morning are covered with dews. It is a type of homonym, each word has the same sound. Homophone words form an important part of the competitive exams. Each set is entered only once, at its alphabetically first member. But this list consists only of homophones that are not spelled alike. bobbin, bobbing, odder, otter, wet, whet, then we have generally included them R The diamond bullet indicates a cross-reference. S To understand the prominence of English Homophones in various competitive exams, it is important for candidates to understand the type of questions asked in the examination, based on homophone words. Their, there, they’re 3. A homophone is a type of homonym in the loose sense of that term (a word which sounds or is spelled the same as another).